Digital Badges are a digital format for issuing a credential to a learner. They are a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, or knowledge gained in a learning environment.  They’re also “portable,” easily verifiable, and flexible.

Various issuers are beginning to “pop-up” all over the world. WorkChops is one of those issuers. We are certified through Accredible, an issuing platform that abides by the Open Badges standard. This Summer, we will begin issuing these micro credentials to interested learners as young as eight years old.

We will begin to teach all our learners and their parents how to leverage these badges for educational and eventually: job opportunities. Once a learner earns a badge, they belong to them! Badges can be stored, accessed, and shared using any Open Badges digital “wallet” or “backpack.”

You can read more about why we want to issue badges to our young learners here.