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Having sufficient funding is a perpetual challenge for most nonprofits, and WorkChops is no exception…but we’ve found a way to make it simple and easy for supporters like you to help a little bit each day by rounding up your purchases.

We’ve partnered up with Round4Good to bring a super simple way for you to help AND bring extra meaning to your next trip to the grocery store, morning coffee, and Amazon purchases.

In less than 3 minutes your purchases could help guarantee WorkChops will continue to prepare Dallas area kids for “New Collar” jobs.

Create a big impact with your spare change…and give extra meaning to all your purchases.

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Is it Safe?

Very safe.

All financial transactions and data retention are handled by the best in the world.

Stripe securely processes the donations and transferes the money to our nonprofit partners.

Plaid safely connects the financial accounts to enable roundups.

Quiltt connects the systems together to make it simple and affordable to process small transactions.

Is It Tax Deductible?

Sure is.

Your RoundUps are tax decuctible donations made a few cents at a time. It may not seem like much, but with lots of people rounding up all their purchases a few cents at a time it can really add up. 

Can I still make other Donations?

In addition to rounding up your spare change you can still make one time and monthly donations to help support our programs.

Who Built This?

The Round4Good program was built by Hyva SPC –  a social purpose company in Washington State making tools to enable everyday financial decisions to be used as a catalyst for good.