Covid Summer – Week Two: June 8 – June 12


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Week Two: June 8 – June 12   

Rocket Scientist

Rockets, and Bridges, and Air, oh my! Camp will combine physical science and engineering. Great for math geeks, too! This is the camp known for its Lego play and bring-your-own Nerf artillery – Lots of outdoor time! Electricity lessons and a laser light show make this a great Camp for “high energy kids!” Among other things, all Campers will build a rocket and make the popular “Vortex Toy” for take-home.

Code a Website (HTML & CSS)

HTML is the language of the web! In this camp, learners will explore typing, using text editors, and saving files, all while coding their first website. We’ll also learn about web browsers, styling of web pages, editing/sizing photos for the web, and how search engines work.

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