Covid Summer – Week Three: June 15 – June 19


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Week Three: June 15 – June 19   

Think Like Leonardo

Inspired by Leonardo DaVinci’s notebooks, campers will make a Mini Catapult, Action Figure Parachute, Foam Cube Castle, hand-made “flippers”, giant Vitruvian selves, and more! If your kids like using tools or building structures, this is right up their alley.

Intro to Microcontrollers

Use Microsoft MakeCode to Program Microcontrollers. MakeCode brings computer science to life by offering opportunities to make and code and merge the best of both worlds. We will introduce learners in this camp to the development environment Microsoft has created for the BBC micro:bit and the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express. Both pieces of hardware are durable and affordable, so if you love this stuff, it will be easy to start making and coding at home straight away!  

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