Covid Summer – Week One: June 1 – June 5 


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Week One: June 1 – June 5   

Think Like a Chemist

This camp is for the child who is crazy about science experiments! In this hands-on camp, students will make putty, observe chemical reactions and explore dry ice. Favorite camp activities include color mixing, food science and fun experiments. Campers also get to take home cool items like waves in a test tube, tie-dyed clothing, slime, and a color-changing cup.

Tinker & Code: Electronics Lab

In this camp, young learners can experience the concepts and components that offer electricity to toys, household items, and the larger world. We’ll take circuitry to the next level when we solder and repair circuits. Camp includes lots of take home circuit board projects and opportunities for adding light, movement, and sound to the campers’ creations.

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