Cooking Club for Kids


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Kids aged six to fourteen can enjoy five Saturdays of Cooking with friends in the WorkChops kitchen!

Class Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm

Class Dates: Nov. 9, Dec. 14, Jan. 11, Feb, 8, Mar. 14

Club Includes: a kitchen gadget, recipe cards, shopping list for each class occurrence

Cooking classes will be themed by the season where they occur, each featuring a three course meal. All meals will include substitution notes for special diets (no dairy, no nut, gluten free, vegetarian). Meal details will be sent to families a week prior to the class in case you want to shop or have your young chef come with questions and ideas. For best results, plan to have your chef come home and make the monthly meal for dinner the same night/weekend as class.

Aprons will be provided for time spent in class. WorkChops aprons will be available for purchase; we will also feature a bonus class, “Sew Your Own Apron” in December, which will be discounted for Cooking Club kids.