All 2020 Summer Camps at our Richardson location are one week long. Camp hours are 9:00am-3:00pm. Campers should come with their own lunch, snacks and water; for this Summer, none of that will be provided by WorkChops.  We are now located at 502 Business Parkway, Richardson, Tx 75081. Call or email us with any questions: 469-570-4127

Based on many conversations with our customers, we have decided to attempt to hold Live/on-site camps beginning June 1. The offering has been altered to make it possible for all who join us to practice safe distancing. We will be making decisions week-by-week and day-by-day, so all of this information is subject to change. Also: we’ve decided to only publish June themes now, and we will let you know more about July and August in the coming weeks. See the bottom of this page for more details on our health and safety plan.

CAN'T MAKE IT IN PERSON THIS YEAR? Check out our WebQuests Page!

Have fun learning online for free, or pay $50 and join the daily video meetups. More Info is here.

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All Ages Camps (Ages 4-13) Each Week, Pick Your Learning Track


Week Five: June 29 – July 3  (Register here)

Pick Your Own Theme

Beginning in July, we will not be predetermining camp themes anymore this Summer. Instead we will talk with the whole group on Monday about which themes/supplies they want. Individual, self-directed learning will be supported, too. Campers can “group up” with whomever they want at camp and learn/make what they want. Any past themes/subject matter/materials will be available to every camper any week in July/August. (Themes are lower down on this page.)

Week Six: July 6 – July 10  (Register here)

Week Seven: July 27 – July 31 (Register here)

Week Eight: August 3 – August 7 (Register here)

Week Nine: August 10 – August 14 (Register here)

 *enrollment will open one-two weeks prior to start. Anyone who purchased camps prior to April 15 is always assured a spot. We plan to run a camp every week.


Week One: June 1 – June 5   (Register here)

Think Like a Chemist

This camp is for the child who is crazy about science experiments! In this hands-on camp, students will make putty, observe chemical reactions and explore dry ice. Favorite camp activities include color mixing, food science and fun experiments. Campers also get to take home cool items like waves in a test tube, tie-dyed clothing, slime, and a color-changing cup.

Tinker & Code: Electronics Lab

In this camp, young learners can experience the concepts and components that offer electricity to toys, household items, and the larger world. We’ll take circuitry to the next level when we solder and repair circuits. Camp includes lots of take home circuit board projects and opportunities for adding light, movement, and sound to the campers’ creations.

Week Two: June 8 – June 12  (Register here)

Rocket Scientist

Rockets, and Bridges, and Air, oh my! Camp will combine physical science and engineering. Great for math geeks, too! This is the camp known for its Lego play and bring-your-own Nerf artillery – Lots of outdoor time! Electricity lessons and a laser light show make this a great Camp for “high energy kids!” Among other things, all Campers will build a rocket and make the popular “Vortex Toy” for take-home.

Code a Website (HTML & CSS)

HTML is the language of the web! In this camp, learners will explore typing, using text editors, and saving files, all while coding their first website. We’ll also learn about web browsers, styling of web pages, editing/sizing photos for the web, and how search engines work.

Week Three: June 15 – June 19  (Register here)

Think Like Leonardo

Inspired by Leonardo DaVinci’s notebooks, campers will make a Mini Catapult, Action Figure Parachute, Foam Cube Castle, hand-made “flippers”, giant Vitruvian selves, and more! If your kids like using tools or building structures, this is right up their alley.

Intro to Microcontrollers

Use Microsoft MakeCode to Program Microcontrollers. MakeCode brings computer science to life by offering opportunities to make and code and merge the best of both worlds. We will introduce learners in this camp to the development environment Microsoft has created for the BBC micro:bit and the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express. Both pieces of hardware are durable and affordable, so if you love this stuff, it will be easy to start making and coding at home straight away!  

Week Four: June 22 – June 26  (Register here)

Art Meets Science

Enjoy take-home art projects with science correlations to stimulate any aspiring scientist/artist. Tie dye, recycle paper, craft textile pompoms, construct a mobile, and make a paint ball shooter with this messy, “out of the box” science experience.

Young Designer

Design Thinking rules at this camp for creatives and techies, too. Explore Graphic Design, 3D Printing, Parametric Modeling, Sewing, Stenciling, Etching, Cyanotyping, Electronics, and more. We will use hardware, software, and even some coding to make campers’ designs come to life in just one week!

All Camps cost $300.

Read our cancellation/change policies here.

All credits for presales (purchases you made prior to April 15, 2020) will be honored and your child will have a guaranteed spot in any camp or WebQuest class (even ones that show “Sold Out”) for eighteen months. All sales after April 15 are subject to our standing policy.

Any themes that have been changed/cancelled have been done because we don’t believe we can practice safe distancing within those themes.

Junior Helpers for Camps : sign up here, if your camper has been approved as a helper. Please note which camps you’ll attend in the notes section, or send us an email with this info.

2020 SAFETY: each camp will be limited to 10 campers. We will have daily temperature checks for staff before the start of camp each day and ask that families check and record their own temps daily, too. We will do a full cleaning & disinfecting of camp areas and equipment every day and after each use. No parents, siblings, or other guests will be allowed in the space at drop-off and pick-up (if you’d like a private tour before your camp – in “off hours” we’ll try to accommodate that at the end of a camp day). Campers will have their own “desks” – a workspace with ample room for physical distancing. We will have disposable masks and ask that you supply your own reusable one if you have some.