Digital Badges

Pathways to Engaging, Well-paying Careers


Blue Collar Jobs are now digital New Collar Jobs providing well-paying, engaging career paths that can build and strengthen our communities. Digital Badges certify skills for New Collar Jobs across industries. The training is skill-specific, short in length, and affordable, opening doors for everyone!


As part of The New Collar Network,  WorkChops is a local site offering training that’s affordable to learners who wish to grow their skills in CNC machining and repair. Our staff will also help facilitate connections between learners/job-seekers and employers. (To be considered for financial assistance, contact us.)

The New Collar Network is a project of the non-profit North American Digital Fabrication Alliance [NADFA] that is an official organization in the international Fab Lab Network founded by Dr. Neil Gershenfeld at MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms.

NADFA is the issuing body for Digital Badges for New Collar jobs skills such as operating 3D printers or repairing robots giving the badges national “currency” with employers and students alike.


Read detailed descriptions or sign up by clicking on a badge:

Intro to Digital Design (Beginning September 28, 2020)

Design for 3D Printing (Beginning October 13, 2020)

Computer Aided Manufacturing for FDM 3D Printing (Coming 2021)